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Zinc Freud

(Pronounced 'Zinc Froid')

This is where we hope to post the progess of Zinc Freud as an act.

Zince Freud had no name when it started. Bruce Richmond wrote some words for Hugh Harris's "Pavanne" (which is intended to be a funeral march), altered the sequence of events within the piece, and then the two of them got together to make a multitrack recording of the result.

Work commenced in early May 2007 and went on (and on) for weeks on end between rehearsals and gigs until the final recording appeared towards the end of June! It's only about 4 and a half minutes long, but as each instrument had to be recorded separately, and as a few things went wrong with the mixing, the effects and the rest, so at least half a dozen versions all slightly different appeared - and even then the final version (with added voices and a few bits) turned out to need normalizing! At this point Bruce (who did virtually all the sound engineering) was so fed up with it he decided it would have to go out like that, but then Hugh Harris spent two more days trying to normalise it against a great many odds before it was finally launched about the end of June.

Both are experienced musicians, but neither were particularly knowledgeable about recording. This was a crash course, and there is still a long way to go and a lot more to try - but, you know, it's like a painting: if you go beyond a certain point, the picture begins to get worse. You have to learn when to stop.

They are now preparing to try some other things, and considering whether it would be possible to put together a band who could do this kind of thing live. Hmmm...doubtful.

The other problem is that this kind of thing needs to be performed as a bit of theatre, so one needs not just people who can play but people who understand how to be a show, and yet who are not primadonnas (this last item may be impossible).

About The Ultimate Pavanne

The Ultimate Pavanne starts like this (you have heard this if you clicked at the top):

and goes on like this (click here)

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According to my dictionary a pavan is a slow and pompous dance, usually performed for a state occasion. Pavanne on the Poffle website is a very slow piece in what sounds like 2 time. The Ultimate Pavanne is even slower (if that is possible) than that. The words speak for themselves. It is the ultimate slow and pompous dance, and this guy doesn't like it at all. This song is part of his campaign against telephone queuing and all the other crap that goes with that kind of thinking. Presumably you have been there yourself.

The instruments on this recording are:

Bruce: vocals, guitar, percussion, sound engineering.

Hugh: piano, bass, saxophone, sound normalising.

The chord sequence for The (or This) Ultimate Pavanne are derived from Hugh Harris's Pavanne, which has an AABA layout - that is, (A) theme twice with roughly the same chord sequence and tune in each, a (B) tune to relieve the tedium, then a final (A) tune to the end, the whole thing being repeated if you feel like it. The actual sequence used by Hugo Brunelli in the 'Chord Sequences With Titles' (to chords menu if you want to hear it) section of this site is there and it shows the three different endings for theme (A), and thus I can give you the words and chord sequences without having to write them out.The only thing is that the themes are not arranged in the same way, in that (for instance) a (B) immediately follows the first (A) and is then followed by another (B). Furthermore, the (A)'s have the different endings but without careful listening it is not necessarily easy to decide which ends in which way

Here are the words:


They like to keep you waiting
They enjoy the power
They know there's nothing you can do so they
Add another hour
Who's the Mad Controller
No-one seems to know
He's busy being invisible it
Keeps him on the go oh


Come on what takes so long
What are they doing now?
If there's a way to spin things out they'll
Find it somehow
They'll give a million reasons
Just because they can
Surely they could speed it up -
This Ultimate Pavanne.

(B) Sax solo with piano, bass, percs


Life is full of good times 
But it can be a farce
Waiting round for others
To finally shift their ****
And you, you're such a fire-brand
Time is not with you
You've hung around for ages in the
Longest-ever queue

(A) solo etc sax, pno, bass, gtr. 


Come on what takes so long what
Are they doing now? 

etc as above

(A) solo to end.....rit..... 

Life slips though your hands.


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